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Traveling Asia During Ramadan

A Mosque in Brunei

Ramadan 2014 is in progress, but no need to change travel plans. Here's what to expect in Asia.

More About Ramadan in Asia
Asia Travel Spotlight10

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Know what you're doing before seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia: tips, what to wear, scams to avoid, and top temples to see.

How to Stay Out of Trouble in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to visit but don't get fined! Read about what not to do while in Singapore.


Empurau is a very expensive fish to try. Read why empurau, indigenous to Borneo, can cost more than $300 in a restaurant!

Asia in July

Asia in July can be hot, wet, and humid. Read where to find the best weather and learn about events happening for Asia in July.

Dos and Don'ts for Ramadan in Asia

Use these dos and don'ts for traveling in Asia during Ramadan to show respect. No need to change your plans -- read what to expect during Ramadan in Asia.

Diving in Southeast Asia

The diving in Southeast Asia is excellent and affordable. See top dive sites, how to choose a shop, and tips for a better experience.

Train Travel in Thailand

Train travel in Thailand is scenic and a good option for crossing the country. Learn how to book a ticket, what to expect, and see tips for the trains in Thailand.

Traveling During the Monsoon Season

Traveling during the monsoon season in Asia doesn't sound like fun, but it has some advantages. Read what to expect during the rainy/slow season in Asia.

How to Beat Culture Shock

These 10 tips will help you beat culture shock so that you can enjoy your trip to Asia. Learn the signs of culture shock and how to recover quickly.

An Introduction to Beijing, China

Use this introduction to Beijing to be prepared. Know what to expect, how to get around, and see some tips for a better experience in Beijing.

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