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Delicious Asian Food

Southeast Asian Cuisine

Food is a big part of any trip. Forget the usual offerings: you'll never run out of unique dishes to try in Asia!

More About the Food in Asia
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Food in the Philippines

Food in the Philippines is a mix of culinary traditions. Use this list of popular dishes to know what you're ordering.

Paharganj, New Delhi

Paharganj, New Delhi's budget district, can be a little chaotic. Use this survival guide for eating, sleeping, shopping, and staying safe.

10 Don'ts in Southeast Asia

Avoid doing these 10 things while in Southeast Asia. Be a better traveler by avoiding these 10 newbie mistakes.

Asia in August

Asia in August is hot and wet. Read about where to find the best weather and most enjoyable festivals for Asia in August.

An Introduction to Indonesian Food

This guide to Indonesian food will help you enjoy the cuisine throughout the archipelago. See important Indonesian food terms, famous dishes, and more.

Eating in Indonesia

Eating in Indonesia is a delicious experience. Use this guide to know what you're eating and how to eat it properly!

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Know what you're doing before seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia: tips, what to wear, scams to avoid, and top temples to see.

How to Stay Out of Trouble in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to visit but don't get fined! Read about what not to do while in Singapore.


Empurau is a very expensive fish to try. Read why empurau, indigenous to Borneo, can cost more than $300 in a restaurant!

Asia in July

Asia in July can be hot, wet, and humid. Read where to find the best weather and learn about events happening for Asia in July.

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