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Greg Rodgers

Crocodiles in Bangkok?

By October 26, 2011

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crocodiles in Thailand

Photo by Greg Rodgers

Yes, as if the Bangkok flooding wasn't producing enough chaos, now hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of crocodiles are hiding somewhere in the murky waters.

Fortunately, things are not nearly as dire as the exaggerated, sensationalized news headlines read. One I came across this morning alarmingly stated: "Thousands of Crocs Roam the Streets of Bangkok."

Such a headline conjures up images of crocodiles patrolling the streets of Bangkok, snatching tourists off Khao San Road at will before they can go inside of  7-11s.

Well, no need for a mass exodus just yet. Crocodiles swimming around a major capital city is indeed exciting, however, these farm-raised crocs are docile for the most part and aren't in the business of hunting backpackers.

Thailand is one of the world's largest exporters of crocodile products. The flooding in Thailand has allowed a large number of the 200,000 crocodiles kept in 30 farms and other breeding operations near Bangkok to escape. No one is sure how many, but many of those newly-freed crocodiles are expected to be hiding in the city.

Although the crocodiles are farm raised and are typically afraid of humans, the government has posted a US $100 bounty for anyone who can capture one. Undoubtedly, men are out hunting in the flooded streets of Bangkok to claim such a hefty reward.

With many businesses closed for a five-day "holiday" period declared by Prime Minister Yingluck, why not do a little lucrative crocodile hunting in the city park?

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November 6, 2011 at 12:10 pm
(1) joan littleton says:

i have friends in the deep dank floodwaters who have seen some of these monsters..and also know of someone attacked by one. these are farm raised crocs, not used to hunting for food…they are also used to regular mealtimes. does that make them more or less dangerous than wild crocs? I hope i don’t have to find out as the floods inch their way toward me.

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