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Greg Rodgers

Do You Know How to Eat Sushi?

By November 7, 2012

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eating sushi

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If you're in the group of people who haven't yet succumbed to the evil and ridiculously expensive vice of real sushi, quit reading now.

I'd hate for you to pick up a new habit, no matter how much it makes the world go 'round, because of something you read.

If you're already stuck with sushi as one of your favorite foods on this planet, then read on. I'd be willing to bet that unless you're a die-hard connoisseur or possibly Japanese, you've probably been eating your favorite food completely wrong.

Imagine: You wait weeks for a reservation, possibly longer depending on how expensive and pretentious your restaurant choice was, then sit down to a perfectly cut piece of kobe beef that will probably have to be mortgaged over several years.

The chef delivers the steak of all steaks to your table, beaming with pride, and before he walks away you dump half a bottle of Tabasco or ketchup on it without even tasting it first. The chef would probably return to your table, quite possibly with a sharp carving knife, to have a discussion with you.

Well, we do the equivalent to sushi masters every time we dump wasabi into the soy sauce bowl. And yes, sushi chefs also have access to razor-sharp knives.

All the better reason to read about how to eat sushi the right way. If nothing else, your next sushi meal will be more culturally enhanced!

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