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Greg Rodgers

Keep Yourself Healthy on the Road

By December 8, 2012

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vaccinations for Asia

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Nothing can ruin a trip faster than an unexpected health problem on the road.

Believe me, you don't want to burn your beach time waiting around in the lobby of an island clinic. I've been injured a few times abroad over the last seven years; luckily, nothing serious enough to involve professional treatment.

Unlike in the US, you can walk into pharmacies in nearly every country in Asia and purchase antibiotics or whatever you need to fix the problem yourself -- without prescriptions.

While serious problems and injuries on the road are rare, they do occasionally happen. Budget travel insurance, like many things, has increased in cost over the years, however, it's still far cheaper than health insurance or paying directly at the hospital.

I've never had to use my travel insurance while abroad [knocking loudly on wood], but the peace of mind that comes with having coverage for both body and belongings is always worth the money spent. If you leave home without coverage, you'll certainly be wishing you had it after your first wild tuk-tuk ride in a busy Asian city!

Protect yourself; your health and ultimate enjoyment of your trip is worth the investment.

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