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Interesting Brunei Facts - Asia Travel - About.com
Brunei is a tiny, oil-rich country on Borneo in Southeast Asia. Learn about the people, religion, history, and facts about Brunei.
Brunei - None - About.com
Apr 11, 2012 ... Brunei is one of those tiny countries that people at least know of, and the name rings some exotic bells, but really know very little about the ...
How to Travel Southeast Asia During Ramadan
Travelers in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and other countries home to large Muslim populations will be affected the most. Bali in Indonesia is ...
Brunei Map - Geography and Maps of Brunei
The Sultanate of Brunei's influence peaked between the 15th and 17th centuries when its control extended over coastal areas of northwest Borneo and the ...
Geography and Map of Brunei
Geography and maps of Brunei.: southeast asia area south china sea sultanate of brunei cia factbook british protectorate.
Brunei | Facts and History
Facts about the Sultanate of Brunei, including its history, geography, and people.
Bandar Seri Begawan, Capital of Brunei - Travel Guide
The name may be a mouthful, but Brunei's capital Bandar Seri Begawan is a different kind of place to visit while in Borneo. Sometimes referred to simply as ...
Bruneian Money - Brunei Coins in Circulation - About.com
This is an image showing the coins which are currently used as money in Brunei. This Bruneian coinage is part of the monetary system used in Brunei.
Katakana Lessons - Brunei in katakana - Japanese Language
Around the World with Katakana. Brunei. Click the link to learn about Brunei. Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan. Languages: Malay, English, Chinese.
Brunei History and Culture - Asian History - About.com
Articles about the history and culture of Brunei, a small but wealthy nation in Southeast Asia.
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