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War Memorial Sites in Asia


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Vietnam War Memorials in Saigon
Reunification Palace in Vietnam

The Reunification Palace in Saigon, Vietnam

Photo by Greg Rodgers

Veterans and military history buffs have a long list of places to visit in Saigon, Vietnam. Many choose to start their tour in Saigon -- now known as Ho Chi Minh City -- where museums, historical landmarks, and other war memorials are easy to find, then move on to other war sites around Vietnam.

The Reunification Palace, once known as Independence Palace, was the finishing point in the Vietnam War as North Vietnamese forces broke through the gates of the compound on April 30, 1975. Operation Frequent Wind which took place from the rooftop of the palace was the largest helicopter evacuation in history

Not far from Pham Ngu Lao and the Reunification Palace, you will find the War Remnants Museum. Although the museum's portrayal of the conflict is hardly objective, scores of artifacts, unexploded ordinance, tanks, aircraft, and historical photographs merit the museum a visit. Be prepared for a heavy dose of one-sided propaganda.

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