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Customs & Traditions in Asia

Find out about the unique cultural traditions and customs across the Asian continent.
  1. Eating and Drinking in Asia (7)
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  3. Tipping (4)

Etiquette in Asia
A complete guide to etiquette in Asia.

Common Greetings in Asia
Use this list of common greetings in Asia for saying "hello" in China, Japan, India, and other countries. Learn when to bow, shake, and ways to show respect in Asia.

The Concept of Saving Face
Saving face dictates daily life in Asia. Learn how to avoid infractions and get tips for saving face while traveling in Asia. Understanding how "face" works in Asia will help you to make friends, save money, and have a better travel experience!

How to Use Chopsticks
See some important etiquette tips for eating with chopsticks while in Asia.

Squat Toilets in Asia
What is a squat toilet, how to use one, and rules you should always follow!

Japanese Business Etiquette
Formal or informal, this guide to Japanese business etiquette will help you pass with flying colors! Read about things to avoid and potential cultural blunders.

Guide to Thailand Etiquette
Use this list of dos and don'ts to avoid offending anyone in Thailand. Read this simple list of Thailand etiquette rules that you should follow.

Visiting Thailand Temples
Visiting a Thailand temple is interesting and exciting. Use these dos and don'ts for visiting wats in Thailand to avoid potential blunders.

Laowai in China
Laowai is a term directed at foreigners in China. Learn what you'll probably be called in each country in Asia.

Who is the Dalai Lama?
Who is the Dalai Lama? Find out about the discovery, life, and role of His Holiness.

What to Expect in China - Dealing with Culture Shock
See what to expect when you land in China to help beat the initial culture shock!

When to Bow in Japan
Know when to bow in Japan with this quick guide to bowing etiquette.

Dos and Don'ts for Ramadan in Asia
See a list of dos and don'ts for traveling in Asia during Ramadan.

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