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Thailand Full Moon Party Dates

Exact Dates for the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan


Crowd at a Full Moon Party, Haad Rin, Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand
Diverse Images/UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The Full Moon Party in Haad Rin on Koh Phangan, Thailand, is one of the largest rave gatherings in Southeast Asia, if not the world!

Thailand Full Moon Party dates vary so that they do not coincide with Buddhist holidays that often fall on full moons.

Although not officially Full Moon Parties, the Christmas and New Year's Eve parties are the largest, sometimes drawing a crowd of 30,000 or more travelers.

The schedule for parties is subject to change and does so regularly; confirm the dates while in Bangkok before booking passage to Surat Thani and on to Koh Phangan.

Plan to arrive several days in advance for any hope of getting accommodation during the busy season! Even outside of the regular season (November to April), you'll encounter crowds of college students on break in the summer months.

Read about what to expect at the crazy Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.

Thailand Full Moon Party Dates for 2013

  • Saturday, January 26
  • Tuesday, February 26
  • Tuesday, March 26
  • Thursday, April 25
  • Saturday, May 25
  • Sunday, June 23
  • Wednesday, July 24
  • Wednesday, August 21
  • Thursday, September 19
  • Saturday, October 19
  • Sunday, November 17
  • Tuesday, December 17
  • Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Party)
  • Tuesday, December 31 (New Year's Eve Party)

Thailand Full Moon Party Dates for 2014

  • Thursday, January 16
  • Saturday, February 15
  • Sunday, March 16
  • Tuesday, April 15
  • Wednesday, May 14
  • Friday, June 13 (Friday 13th party!)
  • Saturday, July 12
  • Sunday, August 10
  • Tuesday, September 9
  • Sunday, September 30
  • Wednesday, October 8
  • Thursday, November 6
  • Saturday, December 6
  • Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Party)
  • Tuesday, December 31 (New Year's Eve Party)
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