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Food & Drink

Discover the delicious foods and drinks you'll encounter during your travels across the Asian continent.
  1. Food in China (8)
  2. Food in India (8)
  3. Food in Japan (1)
  4. Food in Southeast Asia (10)

Southeast Asian Cuisine
Know what dishes to try and where to try them with this guide to Southeast Asian cuisine.

All About Tea in Asia
The tea in Asia has a long and cherished past. Learn about where tea came from, the history, and other fun facts about tea.

How to Use Chopsticks
Learn some etiquette for handling chopsticks and know how to eat Asian food like a pro.

Street Food in Asia
An introduction and tips for enjoying the best street food in Asia. Read about why street food is the best way to eat.

How to Eat Sushi
Learn how to eat sushi like the Japanese do -- different than we do in the West!

The Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
What is the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome? See if you have ever experienced the symptoms and decide for yourself about MSG after reading the facts.

Tibetan Food
See a list of popular Tibetan foods to try while traveling in Tibet, India, or Nepal.

Indian Food Guide
A traveler's guide to delicious Indian food by region.

8 Popular Dishes to Try in Southeast Asia
Do not leave Southeast Asia without trying these eight popular dishes.

How to Eat Dim Sum the Right Way
Dim sum is delicious, but many people shy away from busy dim sum restaurants because they don't understand the process. Use this guide to order and eat dim sum as the locals do.

A Guide to Japanese Sushi
A beginner's guide to glorious Japanese sushi. Learn terminology and even how to make your own sushi.

Cheers in Japanese
Know how to say cheers in Japanese and learn simple etiquette for enjoying sake.

Asian Food - Frequently Asked Questions
See these 10 FAQ about Asian food and what you will be eating in Asia.

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