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Getting Around Asia

Get tips and know what to expect about traveling around the Asian continent. Learn the secrets behind surviving long bus rides, crossing borders, buying tickets, how to interact with drivers, and the basics of getting from place to place.
  1. Getting Around Southeast Asia (18)
  2. Transporation in India (6)
  3. Transportation in China (5)

Transportation in Asia
Read about transportation in Asia and how to get around safely. Learn how to book tickets, hail buses, and more.

How to Use Taxis in Asia
Learn what to expect when using taxis in Asia. How to negotiate a fare, avoid scams, tipping, and more.

Buses in Asia
Use these tips for taking buses in Asia. Know about safety, comfort tips, and how to choose the best seat on a long trip!

Cheap Flights to Asia
Finding cheap flights to Asia is not easy, but they can be found. These booking tips will help you land the best deals available for your trip to Asia.

Cheap Flights to Sri Lanka
How to find the cheapest flights to Sri Lanka.

Tuk-tuks are the three-wheeled, motorcycle taxis found in Thailand and throughout Asia. These tips will help you not to overpay for your ride!

An Overview of Transportation in India
Learn all the options for air, rail, and road travel in India.

How to Take a Train or Subway in Japan
Step-by-step instructions for avoiding trouble when traveling by rail in Japan.

Transportation Options for Getting Around Bangkok
Bus, boat, rail, and wheeled transportation options for moving around the sprawling capital of Thailand.

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