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Before you plan your trip to Asia, get tips and recommendations from our expert Travel Guides, including advice on Asia vaccinations, safety, where to go, and more.
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Asia Travel Planning
A step-by-step guide to get you from the US to on the ground in Asia. Links, resources, and everything that you need to plan a trip from scratch!

Before You Plan a Trip to Asia
When planning your trip to Asia, think about these important considerations. Weather, visa laws, and other factors can have an impact on your trip!

10 Things to Do Before Visiting a New Country
Don't forget to do these 10 important things before leaving on an international trip.

10 Don'ts in Southeast Asia
See 10 things to avoid doing while in Southeast Asia.

Budget Travel Insurance
Read about getting budget travel insurance before you leave home for Asia. See details about what plans provide, how to use travel insurance, and where to find cheap plans for Asia.

10 Budget Travel Tips for Saving Money
10 simple budget travel tips to help you save money on extended trips to Asia.

Responsible Travel
Learn about small ways that you can make a difference while traveling in Asia.

The Best of Asia
The best of Asia - a list of foods, temples, museums, attractions, activities, and adventures not to miss during your travel to Asia.

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Trip
Lots of people make these 10 newbie mistakes on their first visit to Asia -- don't be one of them!

How to Carry Money in Asia
Tips for using cash, credit cards, travelers checks, and ATMs in Asia. Avoid hefty exchange fees by following this advice.

Voltage in Asia
The voltage in Asia is different than in the US. Read about how to protect your electronic devices while you travel.

Making International Calls to the US
How to make international calls from Asia to the US. Learn the cheapest options for staying in touch with friends and family.

Internet Cafe Security in Asia
If you are not traveling with a laptop, learn how to protect your data and passwords while using internet cafes in Asia. Read about nefarious ways that people can steal your email account for SPAM.

Plan Your Asia Travel
Plan your Asia trip easily with this travel guide. Packing, vaccinations, itineraries - get everything you need to know about Asia travel in one place.

India Travel Essentials
Know about these India travel essentials before you arrive. See what you need to know about power, water, money, tipping, etc.

Landing in Asia - What to Expect
Read what to expect as soon as you land in Asia. Instructions for getting stamped in, obtaining local currency, clearing customs, and finding transportation.

5 Myths About Asia Travel
See the top 5 myths about Asia travel and why all are not true! Read the truth about food, safety, and the unknown in Asia.

Thailand Vacation
Learn how to plan your Thailand vacation. See costs, places to go, preparation, and what to expect on a short trip to Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asia Travel
See the answers to 10 frequently asked questions about Asia travel.

What Not to Do in Asia
See a few things not to do in Asia so that you can tread lightly and be a more responsible traveler!

10 Good Reasons to Take a Vacation in Asia
Here are 10 convincing reasons for why Asia should be top on your list for destinations.

How to Beat Culture Shock
Know the signs of culture shock and use these 10 tips to beat it quick!

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