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Planning a Trip to Asia
Travel in China

A welcoming road in Yunnan, China.

Photo by Greg Rodgers

Wondering where to begin planning your Asia travel? Taking a big trip to the other side of the planet can seem daunting -- especially for the first-timer -- but it doesn't have to be! This step-by-step guide will take you from the US to Asia with ease so that you can focus on the most important aspect of travel planning: the fun!

Traveling to Asia is as exciting as it sounds; Asia is the largest and most diverse continent on Earth, so you'll get more than your money's worth of culture, beauty, history, and adventure.

With a long to-do list, this Asia travel guide will help you to take care of items in the right order, so that you can be ready for the big departure day.

First, read about 10 newbie mistakes to avoid when you begin your travels!

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