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From ancient temples and trekking to shopping and urban adventures, no matter what defines the "perfect trip" for you, Asia undoubtedly has it on offer. Find out about interesting places to visit, endangered animals, and how to get your adrenaline fix while traveling in Asia.
  1. Things to Do
  2. Famous Attractions
  3. Food and Drinks
  4. Shopping in Asia
  5. Festivals and Parties
  1. History and Museums
  2. Temples and Sacred Places
  3. Trekking and Adventure
  4. Get Your Adrenaline
  5. Fascinating Wildlife

Things to Do

Asia activities

Trying to figure out what to do in a new place can be daunting, even with a guidebook. Don't miss any exciting attractions; use these guides for sites and activities in Asia's hotspots.

Famous Attractions

Asia Attractions

These famous attractions and places in Asia will blow you away. Get ready to change your itinerary for a visit to one of these memorable places.

Food and Drinks

Food in Asia

Asia is home to some of the most spicy, delicious, and interesting food on the planet. While the brave can try specialties such as dog and insects, everyone else certainly won't be disappointed with the regular offerings such as sushi, noodle soups, rice dishes, and spicy foods.

Shopping in Asia

Shopping in Asia

Considering that much of the stuff we purchase at home is made in Asia, why not buy directly from the source? Great deals and shopping adventures can be had in Asia, but only if you know where to start. Use these shopping guides to get the best prices on gifts and goodies to bring home.

Festivals and Parties

Festivals in Asia

One thing is for certain: they know how to throw a party in Asia! Nearly every week brings some sort of festival somewhere, with interesting cultural displays, new foods, and music. If traditional music isn't your thing, Asia has plenty of hedonistic nightlife on offer including Thailand's Full Moon Party - the largest outdoor rave in the world.

History and Museums

Museums in Asia

Why not spend that rainy day learning something new about the place you are visiting? Asia has plenty of world-class museums to explore, from the bizarre to science and art that you'll never forget.

Temples and Sacred Places

Temples in Asia

Asia is full of ancient temples waiting to be explored. Sacred shrines and lavish temples are dotted throughout the landscape. A visit to some of Asia's beautiful temples are an unforgettable part of any journey.

Trekking and Adventure

National Parks in Asia

Asia's diverse landscape provides plenty of trekking and outdoor experiences. Rare plants and wildlife keep things interesting, while some of the last wild places on Earth wait to be explored. World-class diving and scores of active volcanoes will keep any adrenaline enthusiast happy.

Get Your Adrenaline

Adrenaline in Aisa Travel

Not happy unless your heart is pounding and serious injury is breathing down your neck? These top adrenaline activities in Asia are the stuff of which bucket lists are made. From surfing to bungee jumping, you'll find your thrills in Asia!

Fascinating Wildlife

Wildlife in Asia

Asia is home to many endangered and threatened wildlife species. The highly endangered orangutan can only be found in Sumatra and Borneo; seeing one in the wild is the experience of a lifetime.

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