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Plan Your Asia Travel


Asia travel doesn't have to be daunting! The world's largest and busiest continent is more accessible than ever. Planning a trip to Asia is made easier if you know what to expect once you hit the ground. Use these resources to help you with packing lists, transportation options, and practical information for a trip to Asia.
  1. Know Before You Go
  2. On the Ground - Practical Info
  3. What to Pack for Asia
  4. Money Matters
  5. Things to Avoid
  6. Staying Healthy
  1. Behaving Yourself - Etiquette
  2. Weather in Asia
  3. Getting Around
  4. Maps of Asia
  5. Learn the Language

Know Before You Go

Asia Travel

A successful trip to Asia starts before you leave home. Learn how to become an expert and responsible traveler with these tips.

On the Ground - Practical Info

Asia Travel Info

Know what to expect once you arrive in Asia. Get information about the voltage in Asian countries, how to make phone calls home, and general survival tips.

What to Pack for Asia

What to Pack for Asia

Pack light and have a more enjoyable trip to Asia. Find out what to bring and what to buy for cheap once you arrive.

Money Matters

Money in Asia

Everything in Asia is negotiable! Learn how to negotiate properly, access funds without making the banks richer, and how to budget for your Asia trip.

Things to Avoid

Scams in Asia

Scams, ripoffs, and unpleasant situations unfortunately come with being a newbie in Asia. Use this list of minor annoyances to lessen the learning curve.

Staying Healthy


Keep yourself healthy and happy with these tips for health and safety tips for Asia. Learn about recommended vaccinations, avoiding things that want to bite, and how to generally keep yourself in one piece.

Behaving Yourself - Etiquette

Etiquette in Asia

While foreigners are forgiven most trespasses, learn to travel like a pro by not offending anyone on accident. Avoid a faux pas at dinner or visit that mosque with confidence after you read these etiquette tips and pointers.

Weather in Asia

The weather in Asia will greatly affect your trip experience. Many parts of Southeast Asia have only two seasons: hot and dry or hot and wet. Monsoon rains can really put a damper on outdoor activities in some places, while in other places you may never even notice!

Getting Around

Getting Around in Asia

Chicken buses, train rooftops, leaky boats, elephants -- anything goes when it comes to getting from point A to point B in Asia. Read about these transportation options and how to move around the world's largest continent.

Maps of Asia

Asia Maps

Asia is huge, but these maps will help you to get oriented. Use these maps of Asia to get some ideas for where to visit, but don't spend too much time on your itinerary; getting lost in a new place is half the fun!

Learn the Language

Chinese Language

While not necessary, knowing a little of the language in the countries you visit will greatly enhance your trip. Knowing a few basics such as "hello" and "thank you" will always get a smile and shows that you are interested in the local culture.

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