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Travel Gift Ideas - 10 Gifts for Travelers


Looking for some unique travel gift ideas for that world traveler on your list? Forget about wasting money on stuff that will probably get returned later! These ten gifts for travelers will certainly make any world nomad glow with appreciation.

Don't want to brave the mall mayhem this year? Check out these unique gifts for travelers that can all be purchased online!

1. Digital Luggage Scale

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With so many airlines tightening their maximum baggage allowance, one book too many packed in checked luggage could mean the difference of paying steep fees at the airport counter. A small, lightweight luggage scale allows travelers to check the weight of the their bag -- and repack if necessary -- before finding out it's too late at the check-in counter.

Airfare is expensive enough! This handy little gadget will be highly appreciated by frequent fliers.

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2. Portable Solar Charger

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Any tech savvy traveler knows that music or electronic distraction can make the difference between a tolerable night bus ride across a country or arriving at the edge of sanity.

Portable solar chargers, such as the Juicebar Pocket Charger, allow travelers to store a charge in the device via either the solar panel or USB, then charge their phones, iPods, and other electronic devices later when power is not available.

At only four ounces, any frequent traveler will be happy to add the Pocket Charger to their technology kit.

3. Tablets

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A good book or some distraction can mean the difference between insanity and relaxation on long bus rides and flights. Whether on the beach, lounging in the hostel on a rainy day, or riding between sites, a book is a traveler's companion. Unfortunately -- as all traveler's know -- carrying too many books is akin to dragging around a backpack full of bricks.

Although everyone agrees that the smell of a musky book is a beautiful thing, ebook readers and tablets allow travelers to carry multiple guidebooks, maps, language guides, and even the occasional beach novel with ease. Most classic works can be downloaded for free.

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4. First Aid Kits

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No one wants to think about getting sick while on a dream trip; however, between adventures, biting insects, and perhaps too much fun at the Full Moon Party, every traveler has to dig into their first aid kit at one point or another.

The pre-packed first aid kits are a nice start, however, they are not always complete with everything that a traveler needs. Use this first aid kit packing list to customize a nice kit for the traveler you care about.

Compare prices for travel first aid kits.

5. Point It Books

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The Point It book by Dieter Graf has been a useful travel tool for decades. This small, thin book contains thousands of images of everything from food to tools to medicines. If a traveler finds themselves having difficulty communicating something they need in a remote area, they can simply point to the colorful picture.

Point It books are fun to flip through, come in handy for impromptu English lessons with locals, and may save endless frustration on trips in remote places.

Point It books come in and out of print, however, you can buy them directly from the website (http://www.graf-editions.de/?site=pointit) or download the phone app.

6. Travel Guidebooks

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While they are typically heavy, travel guidebooks are like toy catalogs for serious travelers. Even while at home, flipping through a guide book will keep travelers dreaming -- and planning -- for their next destination.

Lonely Planet is the most popular series of guidebooks for travelers. You can order them online with free shipping.

Compare prices for Lonely Planet guidebooks.

7. Travel Gift Baskets

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While perhaps not as glamorous as receiving an electronic gadget, every traveler spends money and time on supplies for an upcoming trip. They'll certainly appreciate a nice basket -- or travel bag -- of useful items and consumables to be used during their travels.

Use this list of things to bring to Asia for travel gift ideas, then create a hodgepodge of useful items in an attractive bag.

8. Travel Speakers

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Travelers rarely venture far from home without good music close at hand. While everyone will probably already have nice headphones with their iPods or MP3 players, the ability to share the music may make or break the party. Lightweight, portable speakers allow travelers to share their music whether it be on the bungalow porch, in the hostel, or simply to enhance a movie watched on the laptop.

Travel speakers come in a multitude of styles, sizes, and types. Choose something rugged, preferably with two folding speakers.

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9. Dry Bags

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Every traveler will inevitably be caught in the rain at some point. While unpleasant, skin and clothes will dry; cameras, laptops, and books are another matter. Dry bags are tough, waterproof bags that can be rolled airtight. Even when blessed with perfect weather, dry bags are perfect for keeping sand and water under control while at the beach.

Overboard waterproof backpacks are the perfect gift for adventurous travelers.

10. Joby GorillaPod

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The Joby GorillaPods have been around for a while, but that doesn't make them any less attractive to travelers. The lightweight tripods for cameras have flexible legs that can be folded to fit any situation. The GorillaPods can even be wrapped on trees, banisters, or any other place to get a group photo that inevitably ends up on Facebook.

There are two grades of GorillaPods: heavier models for larger SLR cameras, and smaller models for the typical, compact point-and-shoot cameras.

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