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Common Scams in Asia

Don't let a few small incidents jade your opinion of a place. The scams in Asia can be easily avoided once you learn to recognize the signs. Use these tips for avoiding the worst of scams in Asia.

Common Scams in Asia
Read about some common scams and ripoffs in Asia before your trip. Knowing what to expect beforehand will help you to avoid being a target.

8 Popular Scams in Southeast Asia
These eight scams have been working in Southeast Asia for years. Don't be the next victim; learn to avoid these common setups.

Common Scams in Vietnam
Some creative scams have popped up in Vietnam to take advantage of tourists. Read about how to avoid becoming the next target.

Top 5 Most Common Scams in India
A must-read before you get off the plane in India.

How to Avoid Being Scammed in India
Most scams and rip-offs in India have common ingredients. Look for these signs that a scam is unfolding - then run!

5 Newbie Scams in Thailand
These five scams in Thailand catch a lot of newbie travelers by surprise.

Annoyances and Inconveniences in India
India can get hectic! These common annoyances and inconveniences are experienced by many travelers; be prepared.

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