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Top Destinations in Asia


From secret beaches and tiny islands to frenetic, metropolitan cities -- these top destinations in Asia are sure to please any style of traveler. Discover the best beaches, islands, cities, national parks, and sleepy villages dotted around the Asian continent.
  1. Best Destinations in Asia
  2. UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  3. Cities in Asia
  4. Beaches in Asia
  1. Island Destinations in Asia
  2. National Parks in Asia
  3. Off the Beaten Path
  4. Country Profiles

Best Destinations in Asia

Destinations in Asia

These must-see places should be added to your Asia itinerary before setting off to discover more off-the-beaten-path destinations.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO sites in Asia

UNESCO World Heritage Sites have been designated by the United Nations as having significant cultural and historical importance. These UNESCO sites in Asia are protected, and have been opened to the public. A visit to one or more of these ancient sites is a must on any trip to Asia.

Cities in Asia

Cities in Asia

Love them or hate them, the cities in Asia are fascinating; nothing beats watching a new Porsche wait on a herd of goats to cross the street. Many cities in Asia are hectic, crowded places while others resemble peaceful cities in Europe with art cafes and a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Beaches in Asia

Beaches in Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the nicest beaches in the world. Warm water, white sand, and thousands of islands make finding gorgeous, non-crowded beaches in Asia extremely easy. Some beaches are known for their hedonistic party scene, while others cater more to travelers in need of a peaceful break from the road.

Island Destinations in Asia

Islands in Asia

Asia is blessed with literally tens of thousands of idyllic islands; the world's best snorkeling, diving, and island isolation awaits. From developed islands where cocktails flow to forgotten pieces of sand where Robinson Crusoe would feel right at home, Asia has an island for everyone.

National Parks in Asia

National Parks in Asia

The jungles, rainforests, and beach parks dotted throughout Asia offer excellent opportunities for trekking, adventure, and viewing wildlife. Asia is home to many endangered species, most of which take refuge within national parks to escape habitat loss. Unfortunately, many of the wild places in Asia are disappearing quickly; get to these national parks before it's too late!

Off the Beaten Path

Unknown Destinations in Asia

Tired of the tourist hordes taking the magic away from places? These off-the-beaten-path destinations in Asia are still relatively undiscovered. Get there before the crowds move in!

Country Profiles

Country Profiles for Asia

See a profile for each country you plan to visit, including travel essentials such as culture, currency, major destinations, and what to expect on the ground.

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