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India Monsoon Season

When to Go to India?


When to go to India

Blue skies can change quick during the India monsoon season!

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The India monsoon season is still fairly predictable, although the world's weather has changed -- particularly in Asia -- over the last decade.

India actually experiences two monsoons: the northeast monsoon which hits the east coast around November, and the more significant southwest monsoon which starts around June and spreads rain throughout most of the country.

When to Go to India?

Before making a decision based on the monsoon season in India, understand the following:

  • Life -- and travel -- go on during the monsoon. Although some transportation may be affected, you will also encounter less tourists and possibly better prices.
  • India is huge! Differences in elevation and temperature affect how much rain and snow that each region receives.
  • The world's weather has changed. What was once a clearly defined, predictable season is now a guessing game.
  • The India monsoon season may not be a reason to change travel plans; you will still find many fascinating places to explore in India that are barely affected by the rain.
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The India Monsoon Season

In a nutshell, the India monsoon season begins in early June and lasts until approximately October. The rain begins receding in North India first; South India usually receives more rainfall during the monsoon season.

The southwest monsoon in India is considered earth's most productive wet season. The rains typically start at thunderstorms, then culminate into complete downpours -- sometimes unexpectedly as blue-sky days can change quickly into soggy downpours. The monsoon season lasts roughly four months.

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Where Not to Go During the India Monsoon Season?

These places receive the most rainfall in India (in order from the wettest):

  • Port Blair
  • Dehradun
  • Bangalore
  • Guwahati
  • Thiruvananthapuram
  • Shimla

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