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Hotel Tokyo Palace

Budget Hotel in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

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Hotel Tokyo Palace Room
Photo courtesy of Hotel Tokyo Palace

Opened in 2010, the Hotel Tokyo Palace has a great location in Jaisalmer and is a good alternative to staying inside of the fort area. Extremely close to the train station, bus stands, and even the airport, the Hotel Tokyo Palace is very convenient for weary travelers who have crossed the whole of Rajasthan.

Aside from location, the Hotel Tokyo Palace attracts travelers from all budgets and an abundance of Japanese travelers with their tasteful and contemporary style. While the dilapidated neighborhood isn't much, the Hotel Tokyo Palace stands out as a beautiful haveli with intricate stone carvings.

Walking off the dusty street into the marble-floored reception area is pleasantly startling. A grand staircase with colored lighting winds upward to wide, marble halls and quiet rooms. The open-air feeling of the hotel is peaceful and welcoming after a day of dodging rickshaws and safari hawkers.

What to Expect at the Hotel Tokyo Palace

Aside from the usual hotel offerings of laundry and ticket booking, you'll find the following perks:

  • Swimming Pool: Although small, the pool at Hotel Tokyo Palace is refreshingly clean, not an easy feat to accomplish in a place where a layer of desert dust covers everything.
  • Free Wi-Fi in Rooms: Most rooms can get a Wi-Fi signal, or you can enjoy fast access in the tasteful downstairs seating area. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi is not available in the rooftop restaurant, the place where it is most needed.
  • Free Pickup: With email notice at least a day before, you can be collected in a nice SUV at the train station or bus stand after an early-morning arrival.
  • Japanese Speaking: The Hotel Tokyo Palace has Japanese-speaking staff available.

Clean, renovated, and modern, the rooms still retain a Rajasthani feel and are not too bland like those in big hotel chains. Rooms are spacious and enjoy plenty of privacy; I never once heard a neighbor's television or conversation through the stone walls.

A total of 12 rooms across four tiers of luxury are available at the Hotel Tokyo Palace: two 'normal' rooms, two 'standard' rooms, four 'deluxe' rooms, and four suites. While all rooms are sizable, there are only minute differences between the Standard and Deluxe rooms, mainly aesthetic touches such as the lighting and décor.

Unfortunately, you'll have to go to the rooftop for excellent views of the fort; no rooms include private balconies.

Bathrooms are clean and spacious with upgraded showers and plumbing. The new solar water heaters on the roof are environmentally friendly, however, water may not always be the warmest at night.

A large mirror, wooden furniture, work space, and plenty of power outlets help make life on the road a little easier. Beds and pillows are incredibly soft with clean linen. The padded and curtained platform by the window adds to the desert feel and is great for lounging or reading; it can also serve as an additional bed.

Rooftop Restaurant

Hotel Tokyo Palace JaisalmerPhoto courtesy of Hotel Tokyo Palace

The pleasant rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Tokyo Palace is most appreciated for the spanning views of the fort and as a place to hide from the heat. Like many budget hotels in India with rooftop restaurants, the menu offers best-effort Western foods such as pasta and sandwiches, as well as Indian dishes.

The restaurant staff are very cordial, however, the food is lackluster and more often than not, disappointing.

Likes and Dislikes

With only a few small annoyances, I thoroughly enjoyed my week-long stay at the Hotel Tokyo Palace.


  • Someone from reception is always available at the desk.
  • Great location within easy walking distance of Jaisalmer Fort.
  • The Wi-Fi works in rooms, albeit a little weaker than in the reception area.
  • Nice touches such as soap, shampoo, and clean towels in each room.
  • Beds are soft and comfortable.
  • The hotel common areas and rooms are clean and renovated.
  • Credit card payment is an option without additional fees.
  • I was only told about camel safaris once. The pressure to make bookings is low.

Could be Improved:

  • The food
  • The reception staff are friendly but speak limited English. The helpful manager is an exception.
  • Wi-Fi access should work on the rooftop. At the time of review, Wi-Fi was not always 24 hours.
  • The flat-screen TVs in rooms are nice, but only a handful of channels come in clearly.
  • The pricing structure: The cost difference between one or two occupants in a room is a little steep for only added use of water.

Booking the Hotel Tokyo Palace

Hotel Tokyo Palace PoolPhoto courtesy of Hotel Tokyo Palace

The Hotel Tokyo Palace accepts credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro) without tacking on commission.

  • Address: Airforce Chouraha, Dhibba Para, Jaisalmer
  • Phone: +91 299-225-5483 or +91 941-472-1282
  • Web: http://www.tokyopalace.net
  • Email: info@tokyopalace.net
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