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Asia Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
10 Great Tourist Destinations in Asia
Choosing among the top destinations in Asia is not easy! Get ideas for your next trip from this list of hotspots in Asia.
How to Pack Light for a Trip to Thailand
Use this Thailand packing list to get ideas and pack light for your trip, along with advice for what to buy in Thailand and what to bring from home.
The 10 Best Places to Visit in Malaysia, #2 is...
See a list of ideas for where to go in Malaysia including top islands, tourist destinations, and natural attractions. Read about the top 10 Destinations in Malaysia.
Everything You Never Knew About Mount Everest
Learn about where Mount Everest is located, what it takes to reach the summit, and the deadliest mountains on earth.
5 Great Honeymoon Destinations in Asia
These top honeymoon destinations in Asia are a great value for your money and are about as romantic as you can find. Use this list of potential honeymoon spots in Asia to start your research and dreaming!
What You Need to Know Before Applying for an...
Use this detailed help for navigating and completing the Indian visa application form. See each field on the form explained - avoid getting rejected and losing your application fees!
Master these Japanese Greetings for a Better...
Learn how to say hello in Japanese with these basic greetings and responses. Read about formalities such as bowing and how to show respect when saying hello in Japan.
Planning a Trip to Southeast Asia? Better Check...
Plan your trip around Southeast Asia weather. Learn the best times to visit Southeast Asia, including when the monsoon starts in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and other countries.
How Much Money Do You Need to Visit Thailand?
See average costs for Thailand's travel-related expenses and everyday expenditures to help you learn ways to save money in Thailand.
You May Have Been Eating Sushi Completely Wrong
Don't be an amateur - see how to eat sushi the Japanese way! Learn about sushi etiquette, chef interaction, table manners, and the correct way to eat sushi.
How to Get to Pai in Thailand
There are many options for getting to Pai, Thailand, north of Chiang Mai. Find buses, minibuses, and directions for driving a motorbike to Pai.
Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Airfare to...
Finding cheap flights to Asia is difficult, but not impossible! Use these insider tips for getting the best deals when you book your flight to Asia.
Ever Wondered What Namaste Really Means?
Learning how to say hello in Hindi is easy! Find out about the meaning of namaste, gestures, greetings, and the Indian head wobble.
Japanese Dining Etiquette
These Japanese dining etiquette tips will prepare you for any dining experience, whether formal or friendly. Read about how to use chopsticks properly, Japanese table manners, and proper food etiquette.
22 Interesting Facts About India's Taj Mahal
See these 22 interesting facts about the Taj Mahal for a new perspective on India's famous monument. Learn the real history behind the Taj Mahal.
How to Survive a Drinking Session in Japan with...
Learn how to say 'cheers' in Japanese and a few simple rules of etiquette to follow when drinking with Japanese friends.
Japanese Business Etiquette Dos and Don'ts
Japanese business etiquette doesn't have to be frightening. Use this guide to avoid faux pas and to get serious points during your next interaction.
Here Are the Options for Getting from Chiang...
See your options for getting from Chiang Mai to Laos. Get help deciding between the slow boat, fast boat, flights, and buses.
Here's How to Travel Singapore and Not Go Broke
Singapore on a budget is possible. Use these money-saving, insider tips to survive in one of Southeast Asia's most expensive countries.
20 Very Interesting Facts About Angkor Wat in...
See these 20 interesting facts about Angkor Wat before you visit Cambodia's famous temple ruins. Learn a few interesting tidbits and factoids to greater appreciate Angkor Wat.
Learn How to Say Hello in Thai Before You Go
Learn how to say hello in Thai, how and when to offer a proper wai, and good communication etiquette to enhance your trip to Thailand!
Here Are More than Enough Good Reasons to Visit...
These seven great reasons to get yourself to Malaysian Borneo will have you ready to book a ticket, including trekking, wildlife, diving, and much more.
Thailand Etiquette Dos and Don'ts
Use these rules of Thailand etiquette to show respect during your visit and learn about Thai culture and customs to be a better traveler.
Learning How to Say Hello in Malay is Easy
Learn the basic ways to say hello in Malay to enhance your travels in Malaysia. See common expressions for greetings, goodbye, and interactions with locals.
Don't Get Stranded Without Cash! Here's How to...
How to carry money in Asia - tips for using credit cards, ATMs, travelers checks, and exchanging money in Asia. How to limit transaction fees and get access to funds in Asia.
Forget Flying: Take a Bus from Singapore to...
The bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is an easy way to move between countries. Read about bus companies, crossing the border, and prices.
Turning up in Some Asian Countries Without a...
Learn how to Get a Visa for your trip to Asia. See typical visa requirements, what to expect, and how to apply for a travel visa.
This Is the Right Way to Say Hello in Indonesia
Saying hello in Indonesian is easy! Use this quick guide for common bahasa Indonesia greetings and expressions that you will encounter in Indonesia.
So, Where Exactly Is Singapore?
Find out where is Singapore and learn about travel visas, duty restrictions, weather, things to do, and all you need to know for visiting Singapore.
Don't Get Wat (Temple) Burnout in Thailand -...
Visiting a Thailand temple is a must on any visit to Thailand. Learn about etiquette, dos and don'ts, monk interactions, and what to expect in Thai temples.
How to Take the Bus from Kuala Lumpur to...
The bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is easy and comfortable. Get details about stations, companies, and how to take the bus from KL to Singapore.
The Biggest Water Fight in the World Is in...
Songkran is the Thailand water festival, a great time to visit Thailand in April. Read about dates, where to celebrate Songkran, and what to expect.
Drugs Could Get You into Serious Trouble in...
Despite being readily available, drugs are illegal in Thailand. Read about mushroom shakes and the harsh penalties throughout Southeast Asia for being caught with drugs while traveling.
Don't Fry Your Electronic Devices While...
The voltage in Asia is higher than in the US. Read about power adapters, converters, and how to not damage your electronics devices while traveling in Asia.
How to Fly to Borneo for Not a Lot of Dough
Flights to Borneo can be very inexpensive. See some insider tips for finding cheap flights and alternate entry points into Borneo other than Kota Kinabalu.
What You Need to Pack for Your Trip to Asia
Don't guess at what to bring to Asia. These simple items are hard to find in Asia and should be added to your Asia packing list for a more enjoyable trip.
Will My Cell Phone Work for International Travel?
The three requirements needed to use your cell phone while traveling internationally in Asia, and the steps to take to use it.
The Best Way to Get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
See your three top options for getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Thailand. Learn when and where to book, where you will arrive, and transportation specifics to make the journey a smooth one!
Bali Isn't Hard to Find but It's Certainly Hard...
Where is Bali? Learn Indonesia's famous island hotspot's exact location, getting there, what makes Bali so magical, and things to do on the island.
Whatever You Do, Don't Make Someone Lose Face...
Saving face dictates daily life in Asia. Learn to understand the concept of 'face' for a greater experience in Asia with tips and examples.
10 Simple Ways to Avoid Overpacking for Long...
Don't regret packing too much on your next international trip. See these 10 tips to avoid overpacking and to leave home as light as possible!
These Secrets Will Help You Find the Cheapest...
Finding the cheapest flights to Bali is easy. Read about the best departure cities, the airport in Bali, arrival information, and everything you need to know about flying to Bali.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Visa for...
Getting a Myanmar visa is easy with these detailed instructions. Read about entry requirements and how to get a visa for Myanmar at home or while already abroad.
Know the Best Months to Visit Thailand
The best time of year to visit Thailand depends upon several factors. From monsoon rains to festivals, read about when to be in which part of Thailand on your trip!
Don't Be a Newbie, Avoid These 10 Mistakes on...
Don't fall victim to one of these 10 common mistakes that first-time visitors to Asia make. Arrive prepared - avoid these 10 newbie mistakes in Asia.
Here are 7 Good Reasons to Travel Abroad for...
Why bother to travel? The personal reward of traveling far outweighs the costs. See seven good reasons why we should travel for personal development.
The Perfect Packing List for Bali
Use this Bali packing list to know what to expect before you head to the island. Get ideas for clothing, what you should buy on Bali, what you should leave at home, and more.
Avoid These 6 Money Mistakes Travelers Often Make
Avoid these six common mistakes that travelers make with their money. Don't accidentally blow travel funds without realizing!
Kuala Lumpur Currency
Read all about Kuala Lumpur currency. Learn about denominations, accessing money, symbols, and how the ringgit got its name.
Learn How to Say Hello All Over Asia
Use this list of common greetings in Asia for saying hello in China, Japan, India, and other countries. Learn when to bow, shake, and show respect in Asia.
These 5 Festivals in Japan Are Awesome!
These top 5 Japanese festivals will certainly have an impact on your trip -- plan accordingly! Learn about where and when to celebrate national holidays in Japan.
Where to Go in Asia in September
Find out about Asia in September -- see where to go and where to avoid during the monsoon months. Learn about festivals and big events happening around Asia in September.
A Vacation in Thailand Is Easier Than You Think
Considering a Thailand vacation? Use this planning guide of essentials to help you plan your first trip to Thailand.
16 Facts That Will Make You Appreciate Sushi...
See 16 interesting factoids about the sushi you love. Learn about real Japanese sushi, traditions, etiquette, and more.
Best Time to Visit Bali - When Should You Go?
Knowing the best time of year to go to Bali is crucial. Learn when to go to Bali to avoid the crowds, find the best weather, and more.
The Best Time of Year to Visit Singapore
See the best time to visit Singapore based upon weather, festivals, big events, and air quality. Learn about weather and exciting events this year in Singapore!
The Best Ways for Getting from Chiang Mai to...
See the various options for getting from Chiang Mai to Bangkok including costs, departure times, and what to expect. Learn about buses, trains, flights, and how to get back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai.
Where Would You Start First in Southeast Asia?
See a list of your choices for Southeast Asia travel, what to expect in each country, resources for planning a trip to each, and more.
Tipping in Japan
Tipping in Japan can be considered rude. Read this quick tip about how and when to give a proper tip while traveling in Japan.
How to Say Hello in Korean
Learn quick and simple ways to say hello in Korean depending on whom you are speaking to. See how to show proper respect when due with basic greetings.
Chinese Table Manners
Chinese table manners are easy to learn and you'll soon feel at ease in formal settings. Learn about the setting, good etiquette, taboos to avoid, and rules for Chinese dining etiquette.
You Won't Want to Leave Any of These 9 Islands...
Choose from the many islands in Thailand for your next vacation. Learn what to expect on each island, where to find or avoid the crowds, and which of the Thai islands is for you!
Know How to Say 'Laos' Before Visiting the...
How to pronounce Laos? Do you say the 's' at the end or use the local pronunciation?
Backpackers Don't Hit the Banana Pancake Trail...
The Banana Pancake Trail is a collection of the major stops in Southeast Asia, India, and China. Read about major places in Asia that backpackers and budget travelers usually visit.
These Scams in Asia Are a Pain in the...Watch...
These scams in Asia are easy to avoid once you know about them. Read about current ripoffs, cons, and scams as you travel in Asia.
Choose Carefully When You Travel to Malaysia
See the best time to visit Malaysia based upon destination, weather, busy seasons, and festivals. Get help avoiding the crowds and finding the best weather at any given time of year!
Everything You Need to Get Your Visa on Arrival...
See exactly what you need to apply for the new Indian visa on arrival. Read about pitfalls to avoid, the ETA system, and what to expect.
Travel Vaccinations You Should Get Before...
Deciding what travel vaccinations to receive can be tricky. Learn the risks, and what vaccinations are suggested and required for Asia.
India's Holi Is the Most Colorful Festival in...
See the dates for all upcoming Holi celebrations in India. Learn about what to expect, where to celebrate, and the background of the Festival of Colors.
Make Sure These Items Are in Your First-Aid Kit
Use this first-aid kit packing list to be prepared during your trip to Asia. Stay safe and healthy with these first-aid packing suggestions you may have not considered.
Don't Bring These 10 Things to Asia!
See 10 things not to pack for your trip to Asia. Travel like a pro and avoid overpacking by leaving these items at home!
These 5 Beautiful Places in Bali Make the...
Use this list of top places to visit in Bali for creating the perfect trip to Indonesia's most popular island.
Pai, Thailand
Pai, Thailand, is a green and charming place to visit in Northern Thailand. Read this travel guide for things to do, where to stay, and how to get to Pai from Chiang Mai.
Chiang Mai Travel Guide
Use this Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel guide to all the insider spots. See basics about accommodation, food, nightlife, getting around, and what to expect in Thailand's northern cultural hub.
Is April the Best Month to Visit April? Find Out!
Asia in April is a transition month. Southeast Asia will hand off the busy season and spring begins through much of the continent. Read about festivals, events, and weather for April.
Avoid These Bad Table Manners When Using...
Learn the ins and outs of how to use chopsticks correctly, then see some important etiquette tips and how to handle chopsticks in formal settings.
That Chinese Food You're Eating Probably Came...
Authentic Chinese food is rarely the familiar food we eat at Chinese restaurants in the West. Learn the difference, where Americanized Chinese food came from, and what to expect from authentic cuisine.
Chiang Mai Nightlife
An introduction to Chiang Mai nightlife and where to enjoy a night out in the city, including closing times, where to go, and what to expect.
Getting From Saigon to Hanoi
See all the options for getting from Saigon to Hanoi compared in detail. Choose if a bus, train, or flight is best for getting around Vietnam on your trip.
How to Negotiate Prices
Knowing how to negotiate prices is essential in Asia. Use these simple tips for getting better prices on anything that you purchase.
Tipping in the Wrong Place in Asia Could Be a...
Tipping in Asia can be confusing. Use this country-by-country tipping guide to know when gratuity is insulting or appreciated.
The Top 10 Destinations in Thailand Are Fantastic
See 10 great places to visit in Thailand to get ideas for your itinerary. From cultural centers to small villages and great islands, know where to go on your trip to Thailand.
Here's the Right Way to Say Hello in China
Learning how to say hello in Chinese is easy! See common greetings, responses, and customs for saying hello in China plus more.
These 10 Budget Travel Tips Will Definitely...
Use these 10 budget travel tips to save money on extended trips to Asia. Learn simple ways to save money and travel longer on your next trip to Asia.
Choose Wisely When to Go to Vietnam
See the best time to visit Vietnam based on climate, monsoon seasons, festivals, and more. Decide when to go to Vietnam with this expert advice.
What is Hanami? - Enjoying the Japanese Cherry...
Learn about hanami and how to enjoy the Japanese cherry blossom festival. See the top places to view blooms, the symbolic theme associated with cherry blossoms, and more.
What's Hot and What's Not for Asia in October
Read about Asia in October - where to go, festivals, weather, fall foliage, and where to find the most sunshine. Read about the climate transition and holidays in Asia for October.
10 Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites and Why the...
Knowing how to avoid mosquito bites will save you a lot of scratching and possible infections on your travels. Read these 10 useful tips for avoiding mosquitoes.
What is Couch Surfing?
What exactly is couch surfing? Learn how to find free places to stay in nearly every place in the world, including Asia, and find out about safety and benefits.
How to Exchange Money in Asia
Learn the basics of exchanging money in Asia and see how to find the exchange rates quickly for each country. Know when to use ATMs and when to exchange cash for local currency.
The Squat Toilet: An Intro to Toilets in Asia
The dreaded squat toilet is a fear for many first-timers in Asia. Read about why, how, and tips for your first squat toilet experience.
The Strange Weather in Koh Lanta, Thailand
Koh Lanta weather is strange, but the island can be enjoyed any time regardless of the season. Read about seasons, dates, and what to expect during the low season on Koh Lanta.
Heading to Malaysia's Perhentian Islands? Here...
See some important things to know before you go to Malaysia's Perhentian Islands. These tips will help you to have a safer, cheaper, more enjoyable experience in the Perhentians!
What Not to Do in Asia
Knowing what NOT to do in Asia is just as important as knowing what to do. See ways to travel more responsibly and how not to cause offense to your hosts.
Use these Tips for Flying into Vietnam
Learn about flying into Vietnam and whether it's best to start in Saigon or Hanoi. Read about getting around and what to expect after you land.
How to Choose the Perfect Island in Southeast...
Use this guide to the top islands in Southeast Asia to find the best beaches, parties, diving, relaxation, and more. Know what to expect from each island destination and how to find what you are looking for!
7 Top Places to Visit in Indonesia for Sun and...
Wondering where to go in Indonesia? See a profile for each major region to get ideas for the best places to visit in Indonesia.
Don't Turn Up in Vietnam Without Following...
See how to get your visa for Vietnam -- the exact process explained step by step. Apply online then get a visa on arrival in one of the airports.
Things to Do in Penang
See a list of fun things to do in Penang including street food, shopping, activities, and learn about transportation before you go.
Maldives Travel
The Maldives are a unique, beautiful destination for an island getaway or honeymoon. See this country profile to learn more about the tiny island nation.
Choose Carefully When You Go to Sri Lanka
See the best time to go to Sri Lanka for weather, beaches, trekking, and whale spotting. Learn about the two monsoon seasons that affect Sri Lanka.
Sarawak or Sabah - Too Many Choices in...
Deciding between Sarawak or Sabah in Malaysian Borneo is difficult! See which state is best for your trip depending upon your interests.
South Korea Travel Information
South Korea travel information including visa requirements, customs laws, embassy contacts, and weather. Everything you need to plan a trip to South Korea.
How to Check for Bed Bugs
See some easy ways to check for bed bugs at your hotel. Learn to recognize the signs of an infestation and what action to take with reception.
10 FAQ About Asia Travel
See 10 frequently asked questions about Asia travel and the answers to alleviate concerns you may have.
Kuala Lumpur: You May Fall in Love with...
Use this guide to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for finding popular spots, food, nightlife, and activities. Learn how to get around, what to see, and when to visit Kuala Lumpur.
Do Vietnamese People Say 'Saigon' or 'Ho Chi...
While Ho Chi Minh City is the official name of Vietnam's largest city, many Vietnamese people still say Saigon in daily speech. Which is correct to say while visiting?
Asia in May - Where to Go for Sunshine and Fun...
Asia in May is warm, humid, and maybe wet depending upon where you go. Read about monsoons, festivals, weather, and other factors that affect Asia in May.
10 Packing Tips to Prepare Like a Pro for Asia
Use these 10 important guidelines before packing for Asia. Know what to bring, what to leave, and how to pack for an extended trip to Asia.
Jet Lag Remedies
These natural jet lag remedies will help you to adjust quicker once on the ground in your new destination. Read about what causes jet lag and how to avoid it.
What to See in Burma/Myanmar
These top 5 places to go in Burma/Myanmar should be a part of your itinerary. Know where to go in Burma so that you don't miss any of these must-see places.
Wild Things You Never Learned About the Great...
See some interesting Great Wall of China facts, myths dispelled, and things you didn't learn in history class about the wall. No, you cannot see the Great Wall from the Moon!
How to Stay Happy and Healthy in India
Read these India travel tips to know what challenges to expect when you hit the ground in India. Find out how to deal with beggars, dress for female travelers, and useful advice for staying safe and healthy in India.
Read This Before Traveling to Singapore
Use these Singapore travel essentials to better understand the country before you visit! Learn about the people, entry requirements,saving money, language, and what to expect from Singapore travel.
What is Dengue Fever?
Dengue fever is on the rise and threatens more than half the world's population. Read about your risk as a traveler in Asia, symptoms, treatments, and the possible upcoming vaccine.
These Big Asian Festivals Will Blow You Away!
See this list of Asian festivals and big events to know what is going on when in Asia. Learn about big holidays that could affect your travel plans.
Drinking in China Can Be Dangerous - Here's a...
Know how to survive a drinking encounter in China! Learn how to say cheers in Chinese and some tips for proper drinking etiquette.
Would You Pay \$500 for a Fish in a Restaurant?
Empurau is a very expensive fish to try. Read why empurau, indigenous to Borneo, can cost more than $300 in a restaurant!
How Much Does It Cost to Visit Asia? Not as...
How much money do you need for a trip to Asia? Learn about cheap and expensive destinations, how to budget, and how you can save money on a trip to Asia.
To Tip or Not to Tip in India?
Tipping in India can be tricky. Find out when leaving a tip in India is expected and when you do not have to leave a tip.
Asia in November
Read about visiting Asia in November, where to go, festivals, weather, seasons, and where to find the most sunshine!
9 Things You Must Do at Lake Toba, Indonesia
Find things to do at Lake Toba, see Batak culture, explore Pulau Samosir, and relax. Read about attractions and activities in Lake Toba, Indonesia.
Going to Malaysia? Read this First!
Country profile for Malaysia with what to expect while traveling, places, currency, and transportation. See Malaysia travel essentials to arrive prepared.
10 Things to Do in McLeod Ganj
See 10 interesting things to do around McLeod Ganj, India to enhance your stay. Learn about dayhikes, waterfalls, Tibetan classes, volunteering, and how to stay busy in Mcleod Ganj.
Step-by-Step Tips and Secrets for Finding the...
A step-by-step approach for finding the cheapest airfare to Asia. Use these tips and secrets to score the best deal available for your flight.
Tuk-tuks are Thailand's sputtering motorcycle taxis. Learn tips for using tuk-tuks and how to avoid being scammed by the drivers!
Essential Info About Malaysia's Capital City
Where is Kuala Lumpur? Find out the exact location of Kuala Lumpur in Southeast Asia, population, and travel information.
Traveling Asia During the Monsoon Season - Good...
Traveling during the monsoon season in Asia doesn't sound like fun, but it has some advantages. Read what to expect during the rainy/slow season in Asia.
Behave Yourself: Don't Do These 10 Things in...
Avoid doing these 10 things while in Southeast Asia. How to not be a jerk in Southeast Asia.
The Monsoon Season in India - Know What to Expect
When is the monsoon season in India? Find out when to go to India and what kind of weather to expect for your trip!
Read This Before Visiting Asia in June
Asia in June is hot, wet, and humid. Read about the best places to escape the heat and about some of the biggest festivals and events in June.
Here's How Not to Get Freaked Out in China
Knowing what to expect in China will help you to deal with the culture shock. See 10 things to keep in mind for when you hit the ground in China.
Here's How to Call Home from Abroad Without...
Making International Calls to the US from Asia is easier than ever. Read about all the options for calling internationally while you travel abroad.
Rave On: Get the Dates of Thailand's Full Moon...
See the new Thailand Full Moon Party dates for each year. Know when to go to Koh Phangan for the famous Full Moon Party and learn more about what to expect in the madness!
Get Ready to Be Called Some Names in Asia...but...
Laowai, farang, gwai lo -- foreign visitors are called lots of names in Asia. Find out if the terms are rude, what they mean, and more.
Don't Miss These Big Festivals for Asia in August
Asia in August is hot and wet. Read about where to find the best weather and most enjoyable festivals for Asia in August.
You Won't Want to Leave Malaysia's Perhentian...
The Perhentian Islands in Malaysia are paradise. Find out which of the two islands suits your trip better and learn important tips for getting to the islands.
A Step-by-Step Planning Guide for Asia Travel
A step-by-step guide for planning your Asia travel. From getting your passport to hitting the ground in Asia, everything you need to know to plan a successful trip!
Khao San Road in Bangkok Is Arguably the...
Khao San Road Bangkok is the infamous travel epicenter of Southeast Asia. Read about safety, transportation, survival tips, and what you need to know about Khao San Road.
Read This Before You Go to Cambodia
Learn all about Cambodia travel and what to expect. Find visa info, entry requirements, vaccinations, visiting Angkor Wat, currency, and essentials for travel in Cambodia.
These 5 Destinations in Rajasthan, India, are...
Rajasthan, India, is a chance to travel in the desert. See a list of the top five destinations in Rajasthan where you can visit historic forts and walk colorful cities.
Here's How to Choose Between Great Destinations...
Get help deciding where to go in Asia with this handy index! See a list of challenges, rewards, cost, and interests for every country.
How to Say Happy New Year in Chinese
Knowing how to say happy new year in Chinese will come in very handy during Chinese New Year. Learn different ways to say happy new year to your Chinese friends!
Renting a Motorbike in Southeast Asia
Renting a motorbike in Southeast Asia is a great way to see local sights, but you need to do so safely. Read about scams, how to hire a scooter, helmet laws, and what to expect while driving.
Asia in March - Festivals, Weather, and Where...
Read what to expect from Asia in March and where to find the best weather, smallest crowds, largest festivals, and more!
How to Get to Apo Island
See detailed instructions for how to get to Apo Island in the Philippines. Apo Island is famous for excellent snorkeling and diving. Learn the easiest way to get there and more.
The Taipei 101 Tower
The Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan is formerly the tallest building in the world and still retains the title for tallest green building in the world. Read about the design, symbolism, and history of Taipei 101.
Choose the Right Shoes for Your Trip to Asia
Read about what shoes you should pack for a trip to Asia. See the best footwear choices for particular countries and different adventures.
Check Out these 9 Incredible Beaches in Asia
The beaches in Asia have something for everyone. From remote islands to thumping party spots, find the best beaches in Asia.
Read this Before Going to Sri Lanka - You'll...
Find out where Sri Lanka is located and how to get there. Check out this list of frequently asked questions including whether it is safe for travelers.

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